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This site is an Informational site to provide news for the GOOD people that dreamed to help the planet and counted at Inteligentry.
The "Plasmic Transition Technology" OR the Plasmic Transition Process.
Is Not DEAD! It is even bigger than before, just quieter!

It is at " Plasmic Transition Process, Ltd. The NEW corporation,
formed by the Good Investors of Inteligentry after the SEC,
with some "Internal" help, stole their money.
They, working with Labs outside the USA, are NOW developing the technology.

Updated --> 12/31/2014.


BREAKING NEWS: --> Sterling D. Allan confesses while waiting to be Arrested as a Pedophil
or -->Sterling D. Allan waiting to be Arrested for Sexual Abuse with a Child


HAPPY NEW YEAR to those that want a better world

WE had wanted to bring you a gift "Made In America" But the US Government seems to not wish you to have this Technology. So we are forced to do as the US GOVERNMENT commands, THUS.


Our foreign PARTNERS/MASTERS are working hard, now, to provide something you can buy, instead.


     Here is a very interesting Video for the SEC
to watch, or anyone that feels the process is
     There are a few miscues about how the gas
actually works but overall it is not bad.

     I did send the SEC a message explaining
in simpler terms (elementary school ish) how
the base "Lightning" process and the reality of that
and "Thunder", the simplest process explanation,
for creating mechanical power.
     The problem is, this author and the SEC
are in the USA and this, or any, other plasma engine
will soon be "illegal" to even talk about
let alone build or develop!!!
     But development outside the USA is OK!
It is progressing well! "NOT MADE IN America"! Per SEC and US Government ORDERS! :0)



     Here is a view of how the "Technical Genius's" at the United States
SEC (Security & Exchange Commission) AKA "Small Business Killers" view
anything they don't understand because it would make money for everyone
and not just their "Super RICH" cohorts.
     The Big "Spenders" that got them their cushy overpaid jobs.
Any one understand "Abuse of Power" and "breech of constitutional rights"???
     Inteligentry did Nothing wrong. This is the USA
If the technology we were developing, and HAD, is fraud then why
have the others been shut down?? why has NASA not been told to stop, etc??
Look at "the POWER" to present facts not true in the legal news page.
(Complete unedited case to date) The SEC can prove NOTHING.

     Speaking of New here is another example of an "impossible" technology.
Even scientist get surprised when things happen outside the "comfort Zone".

For the complete story see similar to NASA Plasma Drive
or More about this new development


     See below for the latest farce known as the Dr Girouard/Klosterman/Robert Rohner,
OR Collectively the "CEI" Group, patents
. We will help them along as they did Inteligentry! :0)


The SEC seems to want to show the world that we took in, and pocketed, 1.2 to 4.5 MILLION dollars.

    What a laugh!! The actual operating statement for Inteligentry is posted for your information on the "HOT SEAT" page. Sorry SEC but we only had $844,000 investment and nowhere near the 1.2 million buck mark. Only GOD knows how their accountants came up with such a really bad number. Does not speak well for the people that work at the SEC to make these errors on something this SIMPLE... !!



     Notice - The US Government has a Secret System for Stalling Patents :

     Notice ------ Not DEAD just getting the world going!:

     Inteligentry has LEARNED more and KNOWS more, NOW, than the original inventor, or all the Rohner Group, or CEI or any other wannabes , ever knew.  WE ARE THE "EXPERTS"!!
     Thanks to OUR MODERN science and Engineering Methods.


     The SEC says the "Plasma Engine" Technology, as a whole, is Fraudulent. So, they say our patent application is fraudulent even tho it defines the process and the control of the process exactly.

     Then you had the Klosterman joke, his first patent, which, for sure, is fraud and you can see it to believe it - Klostermans Patent

     And Now, TADA, Klosterman comes with another joke. This one was done and submitted about the time that the Girouard/Klosterman/Robert Rohner group, collectively the "CEI GUYS" got the SEC to shut down Inteligentry to insure a real engine would not take away their "cash cow".
Here for your amusement is Klostermans latest patent


TO SUE YOU.      THE PATENT IS BOGUS!! (A Joke really!)
It IS WORTHLESS even if he says he has a "running" engine, so what!!!

There is no business plan and none are being used in any product, more CEI Vaporware! :0)

     After 30 sum years they, Girouard, Klosterman and Robert Rohner, just want you to stay out
of their ONGOING money collection scam!.
     They figure they can lie to the government on sworn statements and anywhere else so why not try and scare the others who might really be getting someplace. Beats Working? :0)
     Their assumption is you won't know they lie so you will take their threat as real!!! Sure glad I don't have stock in the "Dr Michael P. Girouard" SCAM, "Let's Get Thin MD".
     He is making big bucks defrauding people and taking his own pills, er medicine :0) from his stocking, as verified!


Notice to all Inteligentry ex employees.

    "John Rohner has been working for over a year trying to get some Accounting complete. Primary to that effort was the issuance of The ex employees 1099 IRS statements so that the losses by the ex employees can be taken into the Income Tax system as a money loss. John Has completed his replacement of the 1099s and is ready to issue these to ex employees. These 1099s are for Wages, draws and loans, normal business. The Stock you were all promised has been changed over to PTP Stocks.
    "All EX employees should get John your address and social security number. Each 1099 will be filed with the IRS as well under John's agreement with them, pre Bankruptcy.

    "All ex employees need to contact John with their IRS data.."

    The majority of the base corporate accounting is also complete and has been published. However the assets have depreciated by probably 80%, as electronics drop radically over a year. ie. In Feb 2012 company worth was over 3 million in hard assets and $18 million in receivables. Now the hard assets are probably 30 thousand dollars and receivables is zero. More on this as John gets his Bankruptcy filing closer..

John Rohner Is also working on the accounting for the Bankruptcy of Inteligentry.

     He will be asking that all of his, and others, funds lost to Girouard should be considered "Debit" to Inteligentry. Therefore there is over 3 million in lost wages and failed money loans to PlasmERG (Iowa) that will be charged to the Iowa company.
     John will be asking the US District court, in Iowa, will help determine how the "Hostile Takeover" effected the total losses to participants and decide if "Unity", since it was formed by a party under a binding contract, can be included in the assets and since the Money that Girouard used was taken from his "Lets Get Thin MD" company investors if they can not be held accountable as well. Rohner is pretty sure that Girouard's Investors and stockholders did not know that he had invested 500 Thousand of their dollars in PlasmERG Iowa and another 500 thousand, plus, into his Klosterman company or that he did so by Breaching his contract and cheating others. Makes one wonder what else he "invested" their monies into. Nor that he had stated his intention to illegally sell stock, just as he accused Rohner of.
     The Back wages alone in PlasmERG Iowa is over 3 million dollars and have been reported to the IRS.
     The Back wages for Inteligentry is over 2 million dollars. So the assets will need to be more than this to just settle debits with priority, per the Bankruptcy court. Some of the monies needed, may be provided by Dr Girouard, who breached his contact and caused the loss and his takeover of PlasmERG Iowa.
     OR PlasmERG Iowa may be ordered to divest itself in Bankruptcy to pay the persons Girouard cheated in his greed.

     Girouard and friends cheated the world out of getting help because he was too greedy and addicted to his own pills. So he needed to cheat investors out of their money. Rohner only hopes that the investors in Inteligentry, that Girouard used the SEC to Rape of their monies, making them "victims of the SEC" don't forget and do file a class action suit against "Lets Get Thin MD" of 3100 Duraleigh RD, suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27612 who supplied the funding for Girouard's adventures. Their phone number is (919) 977-4842 to find out where to file the case.


THIS FROM A FRIEND OF MINE . "The current NSA scandal has you on their radar
    for about to release a "disruptive" technology." "It's not about terrorism but with crowd-control everybody." There is a NEED to protect the 1%. "Good to see you moving forward and sue their ass off."

    The perils of becoming THE WORLDS BEST" EXPERT in a NEW Technology to HELP "save" the world.


    This is my lil brother Tom Rohner shown with the Papp International engine and the controller that it was certified with.
    Tom Rohner and John Rohner were the only two, except for Tom Miller, Tom's late Tech, that built and programmed the controller that actually knew how the process worked and HOW to control it so the engine would function properly.
    This technology was carefully kept from Jimmy Sabori, by Robert Rohner, after the Papp International License was taken from "Rohner Motor", a supposed Company formed by Robert Rohner that never happened So license was given to the Papp and Sabori company.
    Robert Rohner was the machinist at "Rohner Machine Works", the Rohner family business, that machined the parts and assembled the hardware.
    Without this controller that engine, like all that have followed, would not run. Since this controller was removed not a single Papp International engine ever built has worked, to DATE.
    Tom and John knew the inner workings and they had many discussions, verifying Johns Recollections, before Tom was forced to join Bob and become effected by the Radio Active elements Bob Used. Tom was never "comfortable" with Bob and was cheering John On. Unfortunately when Tom got sick Bob took over his email and cut Tom off from John.
    Bob, has asked "why John did not go to Tom's Funeral?" The answer was simply that Bob had threatened John, and his family, with grievous physical harm if he showed his face.
    Even Though John is the Head of the family, his brother, who it turns out had been sniping at him, jealous of his success, for years, felt John should not be close to his brother and John did not wish to create a situation. John Knows how Tom felt and who he was and could have been and for that matter was. Tom had worked with John many times over many years in his life and John was/is quite proud of him.

    The question then is why Bob keeps trying to use his brother as a "Cash Draw". See Below. John would guess that without Tom's input he can do nothing as he has for over 30 years. Grow up Bob.
    ps. My wife has money that she got from her Mother's death. Their family, unlike ours, did not have an administrator that was there to cheat everyone for himself and Dorothy.
    But I did learn to put all things valuable in her name as you did years ago when you bankrupted the family multimillion dollar business. I am sure you remember that. If not read thru the documentation filed in the county seat. Janet Rohner lots, everyone else zip.


In Case You missed it, Doc 160 is an order denying removal of PlasmERG Iowa.
Thus the Las Vegas court has set aside the Iowa courts order, which I will advise the Iowa court of.
In so doing the money that Girouard was awarded also is stricken, the IRS will be informed of that.

    But the great thing is that Rohner can now "reinstate" PlasmERG Iowa and sue Girouard for breach of contract, using Girouard's own money for legal expenses. Girouard's investment and starting a competitive company, Unity International, is also great too. It will become the property of PlasmERG Iowa, since Girouard was a board member when he invested, it can be assumed as an "expansion" to PlasmERG Iowa and his position, within. Thus it becomes an asset to Girouard, Rohner, and the investors that Girouard "skipped out" on. More interesting is that Klosterman also becomes a defendant, with Girouard, and the fact that he is still listed as a board member, co founder, with Clean Energy Inc (CEI) means that a link is set to CEI, as well. Robert Rohner is one of the CEI co founders, with Klosterman so Robert Rohner is about to become a defendant as well. All assets of all companies will be joined. Rohner will be asking the courts to subpoena financial records from the same period, July 2009 to current on each new defendant and their business entities. Rohner will also ask that the same "Restraining Order" be shared.
    LOOKS like Girouard has shot his own foot off. Gotta go learn how to do "appeals" now so the SEC can eat their feet. This case will take years and years now. ...


News that the biggest detractor of this technology had a problem! My POOR LIL Brother!!

Quote: My little problems:

    I was quite lucky that, purely by chance, they discovered an ascending aortic aneurism (6 cm) which could have popped and bled me dry in minutes coupled with a bicuspid valve. All is well now and even though the recovery will take several months, I should be leaping tall buildings in a single bound shortly thereafter.

    I can't lift more than a few pounds for the next twelve weeks without breaking open the sternum cut so I will be working solely on getting the patents and other butt-work completed. Between these and a few more tests, we should be ready to strike up some good open conversations around Thanksgiving. I apologize for the delay.

    These narcotics make me slightly psychotic so I sincerely hope it's me writing this. Thanks for the cheer my friends. UNQUOTE! Bob

    I am amazed that, knowing his use of things like Booze and Drugs, the Pain killer has any effect!!!. I am sure all the people he has caused to be screwed will wish him luck! I know that I will and so will the woman he stole $36K from.
     Could Not happen to a more deserving person!!



IT'S SUCH A PITY, and too bad my Lil Brother, Bob, can not stand on his OWN two FEET, YET!!
I notice that Bob continues to use my youngest Brother, Tom As a "Fund Raiser",
He even presents his resume, as if he were alive. Hoping to make you feel "pity".
He seems to forget that Tom Died Of Cancer, Some time ago, Maybe
as a result of the "Radio Active" components Bob subjected him too.
Tom did not wish to join Bob. He did all he could to convince Bob and get us brothers
all together when I made them the offer to make a REAL Company and Bob refused.
Tom and I talked many times about how the engine worked and he was sure I had it
right and Bob "would never get it", which he has not, even after 30 some years.
He was very happy when, after months of being told by Bob that he had done it for us,
I formed "Rohner Motor", which upset Bob because his plan was to Resurrect CEI.
     Tom's "objection" to being a part of the SCAM CEI is what that brought Tom
to finally create "Rohner Group". Which Bob has now taken over.......
I was very sorry that Tom Died. I get asked why did I not go to the funeral.
Simply put it was Bob's threats against me and my Family
     Ask Bob why Tom had to die outside the USA? Treatments were available here to
  cure him. WELL, I don't need anyone's PITY! I would never use my Brothers death,
and everyone's Pity, as Bob is.
So, Tom I am sorry for what your next older brother is doing with
your memory.

As the Head of the Rohner Family, all I can say is my lil brother Bob is an AH
it does go well with his BS.
Too bad Bob can not stand on his own two feet and be honest. BUT!
May My little brother Tom Rest in peace, luckily unknowing he is being exploited by his next older brother, as usual.
Tom was a good person, even apologized for the misdeeds of the linear's, paid for his tickets when we went to concerts, etc. Not Bob.
I DO Miss Him. He was a GOOD Brother and lived a good life. Betty and I both miss you, Tom! "WOW BOB!!!"


    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.

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