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NOW "OFFICIALLY" the world leader in the Plasmic Transition Process technology.      WE are the "Research & Design", "Consulting" and Engineering company that had the "EXPERT's", of "Associated Technologies" Our mission was to make ANY NEW "PLANET SAVING" technology available to all manufacturers as quickly as possible.    Providing a more livable world for our kids and US. -- Using high powered plasma, the PTP Engine is a direct replacement for the internal combustion engine. OR, .. Many Electric Motors, as well.
We were NO LONGER an "Evolving Alternate Energy Company", we were THE Company.

Updated --> 3/9/2014.


For the Ex Investors - The documents you need to claim your "IRS loss" is available for download, as a zip file, from the new corp FaceBook page. Look on the www.plasmictransitionprocess.com corp page for Facebook address.
Most people should already be signed in. At least you will get something back from the people that stole it from you.
Also we are reworking the book about how it is made and why it works on the web site. We hope to publish a new book
to make the technology more "Open Source" in the next couple months. We will advise when there is a publishing deal. Enjoy Life!!...


In Case You missed it, Doc 160 is an order denying removal of PlasmERG Iowa.
Thus the Las Vegas court has set aside the Iowa courts order, which I will advise the Iowa court of.
In so doing the money that Girouard was awarded also is sticken, the IRS will be informed of that.

    But the great thing is that Rohner can now "reinstate" PlasmERG Iowa and sue Girouard for breach of contract, using Girouards own money for legal expenses. Girouards investment and starting a competitive company, Unity International, is also great too. It will become the property of PlasmERG Iowa, since Girouard was a board member when he invested, it can be assumed as an "expansion" to PlasmERG Iowa and his position, within. Thus it becomes an asset to Girouard, Rohner, and the investors that Girouard "skipped out" on. More interesting is that Klosterman also becomes a defendant, with Girouard, and the fact that he is still listed as a board member, co founder, with Clean Energy Inc (CEI) means that a link is set to CEI, as well. Robert Rohner is one of the CEI co founders, with Klosterman so Robert Rohner is about to become a defendant as well. All assets of all companies will be joined. Rohner will be asking the courts to subpeona financial records from the same period, July 2009 to current on each new defendant and their business entities. Rohner will also ask that the same "Restraining Order" be shared.
    LOOKS like Girouard has shot his own foot off. Gotta go learn how to do "appeals" now so the SEC can eat their feet. This case will take years and years now. ...


AS expected, Both Robert Rohner and Ron Williams (MONKEYRON) are attacking again.
See HOTSEAT page for details and laughs! Usual predictable BS...

We do hope that the SEC will stop their "Guilty Till Proven Innocent" BS or "If WE SAY IT, It Is FACT" as "we are GOD" and give us the same treatment as the Gitmo Prisoners and the US way "Innocent til Proven Guilty", per 60 min TV. Problem is I am sure now that the fact that they never had a case won't stop them from trying to "Railroad" their Lack of factual data into a nice long drawn out, expensive hearing!

No intake. No exhaust. NO POLLUTION!!! Welcome to the Evolution of Power!


    Current Inteligentry Investor Statistics:     AS OF February 1, 2014.

    Remaining Investors in Inteligentry is ONE - John Rohner.
ALL others have been disqualified, released or left.
    Total Stockholders in Inteligentry is ONE - John Rohner.
The other ONE gave up stock and converted to Plasmic Transition Process, Ltd. Rohner could not.
I wish them luck!!!
    "Original" Investors as of April 1, 2013 including employees and "others", (some not known to Tana) ~ 153

    "Original" Investors removed for disciplinary reasons per Special Rule (NDA Breech) or already using the Inteligentry technology for themselves ~ 53

    "Smart" Investors using Investment as a loss and moving to the EX Inteligentry Investors New Corporation ~ 100

    Remaining Investors collateral certificates, (now made worthless by the SEC/FBI combined action) not yet heard from or NOT converting ~ 8.

    Total Investment in Inteligentry from May 2011 to current (~ 2 years), including Rohner's cash investment, = $1,069,090.00.

    Here is the Corporation report, as it would have been presented at the March investors meeting, modified to include current data. This financial report, the stock conversion and the operating engine shown would have been the crux of this momentious meeting. Data is summarized below as reported to the IRS from the Taxes, just reported for Inteligentry, Ltd. since PlasmERG (Nevada) and Ptp Licensing had no activity. Based on information From May 2011 to date, 2011, 2012, 2013. This meeting was canceled per the FBI/SEC actions against the "disruptive technology" stopping development and costing company over $18 million dollars (PLUS),

    Please be advised that the SEC says that Inteligentry had an income of over $4 million dollars. now that is truly creative accounting. What are they smoking?. Even adding all Inteligentry licensing income would not get half way there. Further, Even adding all monies input to Dr Girouard's PlasmERG Iowa won't get there. They do have quite a fantasy going. They also still think they can over ride the "Hostile Takeover" and the Iowa US District court ruling to insure they get the $300K for Girouard. That would be immediately appealed, and we have many Business and legal people that will join this appeal as it breaks from the normal by a bunch. (even senators and congressmen and TV reporters), More as it happens.

    May 2011 = starting corporate date for Inteligentry, Ltd. and PlasmERG, Inc (Nevada) and 2012 for PTP Licensing, through 2013. Current YTD Status, AS of DEC 31, 2013.
    income from any source = $0 Zero. Operating expenses = $0,
    Investors = 1 John Rohner, officers = 1 John Rohner, board members = 1 John Rohner,
PlasmERG (Nevada) and PTP Licensing had no operational or active lifetime or sales or income. Both were "Bookmarks" for future expansion as Inteligentry needed to split into smaller more manageable entities. Which was never achieved. Net ZERO.. All Investment pledges are void pending bankruptsy.

    2011 income from Rohner & Investors $208,700
Expenses: Rent & Utilities = $15,200, employees wages = $70,000, Materials & expenses = $103,000 Total expenses $188,200
Hard value of company, tools and equipment etc. $315,000, soft value of Company $5,000, Value of company = $320,000
Investors value per $1000 = 9/10 or ~$900 per unit

    2012 income from Rohner & Investors $764,390
Expenses: Rent & Utilities = $129,600, employees wages = $270,000, Materials, shows & expenses = $357,391 Total expenses $756,991
Hard value of company, tools and equipment etc. $315,000, soft value of Company $15,000,
Investors value per $1000 = 1.2X or ~$1736 per unit

    2013 income from Rohner & Investors $21,000
Expenses: Rent & Utilities = $25,000, employees wages = $40,000, Materials, shows & expenses = $49,761 etc. Total expenses $114,761
Hard value of company, tools and equipment etc. $519,723 soft value of Company $2,000,000
Investors value per $1000 = 2.5x or $998 Liabilities = Employee Back wages = $1,704,783

Company value as of Dec 31,2013 = Zero.
Assets remaining (Valuation): Fraudulant Technology = $0 = Not an Asset, Parts & materials remaining in storage = $4,000, Bill owed for storage $4,200 Materials in FBI hold = original - now $213,491 after depreciation. Employee Back wages $1,704,783. Total = $1,894,283 PLUS..
Keep in Mind this is probably worse as the Accounting ledgers etc are still not available. This can not ve validated either. (BEST GUESS)!!

    As of January 1, 2014 all investment in Inteligentry is valueless, no conversion of "collateral" will be possible, since the SEC/FBI has terminated the business and thus created the loss of all monies. This fact was reported to the IRS and March 1, 2014 all Investors will be able to download a notification of this loss as a prelude to bankruptcy and proper IRS processing. The IRS will have a detailed list of all Investments for their check off. The SEC has made the whole company valueless and the migration of the investors and ex employees with their IP, retained technology and such, further removes capabilities.

    Contrary to what the SEC tried to inform Inteligentry the SEC can be sued for losses. It is expected that John Rohner will do that on behalf of all his friends if we win. They stole your money so you should get paid if it proves out that they had no case.

    Rohner is also working with the state of Iowa to verify that a case against Dr. Michael Girouard, and his PlasmERG Iowa corp can be brought for loses to all ex employees and investors AND since the SEC is using his "complaint" which should have been withdrawn with the US Dist Court Order in June of 2011, when his lawyers were informed Rohner was "not a party" and he was suing himself. The SEC using this "complaint" presents an attack against Inteligentry based on slander and libel. This case would be heard right here in Iowa and these justices are not happy that he is trying to get their judgment revoked for his own enrichment. Girouard evidently has no understanding for exactly what happens in any "hostile takeover".

    Rohner may also put Inteligentry into federal bankruptcy so that the federal court can sue for and receive these funds to pay the ex employees back wages and other disbursements.

    feel free to contact Sandra per the Contact page at www.plasmictransitionprocess.com for new corp details. Inteligentry never advertised a per stock price and the SEC has yet to provide any proof of any wrongdoing.


     This site is now set aside as an Informational site to provide news etc. for the people that counted at Inteligentry.

     Ex Inteligentry Investors there are some IMPORTANT issues you need contact Sandy about to protect your investment from the SEC!

    It is time to talk Frankly about what is happening next

    There is no SEC Case based on any facts, as most of you have seen from the legal news page. The SEC expected to do a "quick kill" and grab the $360K from the bank, they expected this from Tana's information, and to pay off Girouard and stop US forever. They were sure that their, and the normal court, "policy" of "If the SEC states it as an allegation it must be taken as fact" to allow them, as it has in the past, to simply use their "muscle" to win without proof of any wrongdoing. The FBI provided the extra leverage needed to convince the court that "It Must Be SO" by making sure there was no records, or engines or anything that could provide a possibility of the company disproving anything. I guess these agencies have gotten so powerful that they do not feel they need to abide by the "constitution" any more and can do just what they wish to whomever, unless the opposition can afford BIG lawyers, like the Banks etc that bankrupted the world or energy companies that played politics and went bust etc. There are plenty of BIG money things but these folks also have the BIG Bucks to afford the BIG Lawyers and Political Action Committees to grease the way.

    Our country has forgotten that we are the best in the world and not the "biggest" in the world because we have people that think and try new things and some of these are successful some are not and that is the true "investment". Most of our investors have lost money on other "ideas" but they know, and the government seem to not, that without that income nothing gets accomplished. This country just lined many pockets with a $10 billion Solar Fiasco but so what? it's just Taxpayer monies. The government funds Bridges to no where but no one holds them to any standard of investment. The Government can throw monies at their friends, look at "Halliburton" and how they prospered under Georgie Jr. Want a job that pays you forever, become a senator or congressman, for 2 years "WORK" (:0)) you get paid, after you get fired, for the rest of your life and complete with perks. Know of any other job like that, but that is why they raise millions to get this job. (Why is this NOT Fraud?) Money Fer Nuthin!!!

    The SEC has taken a very unsupported position that a company, after it is taken over by a "Hostile Takeover" and all the originators thrown out, is still the liability of any resultant new corporation. I plan to provide the jury with many business professors and Business law professors that will make the case that once a "hostile takeover" is completed there is no further liability available UNLESS a part of the Takeover Contract. Be sure and keep a copy of your Investment documents as the "common" belief is that as investors you can form a "class" and Sue for damages in many ways for this action by the person that "took over" the company, who is a multimillionaire and has lots of money to "give" as a settlement.

    John Rohner is now asking his consultants if Girouard and the SEC do get PlasmERG Iowa linked, which would add Girouard as a defendant(?), Would this mean that "Unity International", the company he started with Klosterman in January, before he ordered Rohner out (breaching his NDA) would then become owned by Inteligentry as it would be a product present and brought into Inteligentry at the time of joinure. Or would the PlasmERG Iowa name get changed, and the PlasmERG Nevada name as well, to "Unity International" and Rohner get some ownership since it was started while Girouard had a specific no contest agreement with Rohner. This company was created before Girouard took over PlasmERG and is a clear violation of the contract and as such would become joint properties. Interesting as it would link Klosterman, Girouard, Bob Rohner and John Rohner. Wouldn't that be fun....?

    There is no proof or factual support with anything else either. The SEC has one complainant, not 98 and they have no accounting that can prove 1.4 million anything's. And there are only two Stockholders, not even 3, let alone 98, in the corporations. There were 140 or so people that had invested time or money or both to the project who were provided collateral but never allowed to see it to fruition. Basically there was and is no Proof supported by any fact that supports their even filing this case.

    Even worse they have a REAL Problem with the corporate assets. They have labeled the technology as "Fraudulent". That claim is foremost because without it there could be no fraud. Without Fraud, as alleged, to the Investors there is no illegal actions for them to be involved in pursuant to the law as described in 1933. Understand they are petrified that any working engine May be shown that they have illegally impounded the personal property of an investor and have grabbed parts etc from the parts bins, without informing the Manager, to insure that engine kits can not be bought to assemble and that PC Boards and parts can not be assembled to create usable control systems. All of these actions will be brought to the Juries attention. I think they will also get a good laugh.

    Keep in mind that the SEC wants to throw me in jail for allowing anyone to use this Technology because it is an asset. Any Business person can tell you that in order for something to be an asset it must have value. A Item that is "labeled" Fraudulent can not have a value as it is by definition Fraud, or False. Thus the item in question can not be an asset as, by their definition, it has no value. The other reason they want anyone stopped is that they have already allowed Tana and Dan to use these assets and still are. Plus they have a huge worry that, in my hands or using my information, a motor would be readied and presented to the jury. They are scrambling hard to insure that, with their partners the FBI. Why else would they need to "impound" engines. Logically the only way to insure a win is to insure that no defence can be provided. We are Eight Months after the "search and seizure" and so far the FBI can complain only about finding some porn and downloaded music. Remember that the last report showed that the United States Pentagon workers hit Porn sites over 30,000 times a year. The alleged sound and movies could have been simple compilations from the originals, CDs to MP3 or FLAC and movie DVDs to Avi for laptop or Tablet. But what did they expect? Their "harvest" had but one purpose..

    But all this said does not change the fact that the SEC/FBI consortium did do what they wanted or were ordered to do, stop Inteligentry from finishing development on it's engine. Inteligentry has been killed and even hoping it will come back is fantasy. Bigger Fantasy that the SEC/FBI consortium had with their Grandious ideas.

    Thus all that have invested in Inteligentry have to consider their "investment" now as a loss of investment for use on your IRS tax forms. By March 15 Rohner will have a document for you to use or you can just do it and use the document if they complain. The IRS is aware that there is going to be many claims and even names and amounts. So don't lie just get what you are due as investment persons.

    For the HOT SHOT BS Artists, Trolls, Sterling and the like, people without the brains to develop a sneeze, let alone a real product, My personal loses rough out to 5997 hours a year, 11995 hours into Inteligentry, and 29587 hours since 2008, when I filed my Patent. ~$1.2M min. My lost salary is ~$132K (min) per year or over half a million dollars. That does not include the personal monies invested of my own. So I am the single largest investor as well. None of these cry babies and TROLLS would ever risk their money or time on anything that did not pay up front. But they can cry and whine and try and make us believe they are older than 7 years. But let's face it if they had any PRIDE they would be proud of their name and accomplishments so there is the PROOF they have none and are worse Frauds than the SEC.. I do plan to have some of them in court to testify about their acts. All internet messages leave a trail, as the NSA and FBI know.

    Also for the same group of Wanna-Bees keep in mind that Inteligentry did in 2 years and less than $600K what Robert Rohner, Heinz Klosterman etc. have not done in over 30 years with over 18 million at their disposal. Robert Rohner with all that money has never shown anything but a single popper, developed by someone else in 1981. His only "claim to fame" is that he machined the 1982 engine Joe Papp Designed for Papp International and Papp made run and certified. When provided a license he failed to form a company to take it so lost it and bankrupted Rohner Machine Works in the process. Then to add to his "Honor" and "Ethics", he Reworked his resume so he worked for Papp International until 2004, years after Papp International went under, and he illegally copied 5 engines that he sold for $50K each, so he had an extra $250K. Yet to this date he has nothing. But let's all hail his holiness of fraud and scam. Next to anyone he is certainly the king of that. I hear from the Rumor mill that he has stated he will be running an old 82 engine soon. But he has been saying that for 30 odd years now, soo..

    Some of you that think you are investors will soon find out you are not. As everyone knows, any investor had to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Sterling Allen signed 4 and breached all, so you can trust him :0). Everyone was informed that any breech of this contract would be treated with some action, most expected Court. However, early on in the 2011 starting time the board of directors created and added a "Special Security Rule" to the Company rules. This rule was created to save the company from the expense and bad publicity of any trial because of a Investors BREECH of his contract. The rule states that the Investor will simply lose their investment and any stock they may have due if they breech this contract and that this determination will be made pursuant to the Board Chairman or CEO discretion, without recourse. So some BAD FOLKS have now been removed. Specifically, anyone known to have breached their contract by doing any act that affects the corporate integrity or in any way harms it's image. These people will NOT be eligible for admittance into the New corp either since their Collateral Certificates have been resolved to zero.

    The Restraining Order says I can not ask for anyone to invest in My corporation. So please be aware that I am not doing that. The Inteligentry Investors do not deserve to be treated like criminals just because the SEC wants the corporation, and thus the technology, stopped. Inteligentry can not convert anyone's Investment into stock, as was the original deal. The SEC/FBI has seen to the fact that Inteligentry has no assets.


     The Tana Kane and Dan Glover Show.. or How to Steal your companies Technology, Kill it and screw the Investors too. .. See the HOTSEAT page for the details of Masters lost/leaving and how the FBI got their info.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE!!     Inteligentry Moved, to a desk in Iowa. --
    3087 E Warm Springs Suite 100, 200 and 300) ), Las Vegas, NV 89120, as described before, to
408 Broadway, Keota, IA 52248, a desk. 319-248-9850 or Cell 702-884-6633 Email is now John P Rohner


     Some bad news for the EX PlasmERG, INC (IOWA)people.

     As everyone knows PlasmERG Iowa was taken over by Dr. Michael Girouard, currently also the partner of Klosterman with "Unity International" and rumored to also now have joined Robert Rohner, as well. For nearly 30 years Klosterman and Robert Rohner ran CEI and "milked" the technology, so the latter is probable.

     After numerous offers to buy PlasmERG Iowa, for 2 to 8 million dollars, turned down by Girouard's buddy and accountant/lawyer Brennan, Girouard was give the company per his orders and became entirely responsible for it in 2011. Girouard promptly sued himself and dumped all assets, investors, ex employees etc in a hole and went on creating more "Weight loss" clinics and watching the $500,000 he gave Klosterman disappear.
     Rohner, who did not wish to see these investors lose their money, or go though a law suit, as he will now to get his back wages etc. Picked up these investors and even ex employees that had also been screwed by Girouard's, and Brennan's, greed and provided "conditional" Inteligentry Stock to cover their loses. Had the investors meeting March 23rd happened they would now be stockholders. But March 23rd, because of some people's stupidity, did not happen because of the March FBI and SEC stuff.
     Therefore, Rohner has now been advised that what he could have done then, he can not now. Not because that from his heart and good sense it was wrong BUT because of Girouard's complaint. The SEC and FBI, have allowed Girouard as a complainant and with him his illusion that PlasmERG Iowa is somehow the alter ego of PlasmERG Nevada. Notice they used July 2009 as their starting date. That was Girouard's date of first stock purchase. If you read the SEC response you will also see they make it clear they are working for Girouard.
     Their latest try to get rid of the attorneys is to "protect" the $300,000 for him.

     The long and short of it is that all free (gratis) Inteligentry stock issued to anyone from PlasmERG Iowa is now void. Email me if you need further information but you will all now need to join me in suing PlasmERG Iowa for your money. Girouard is a multi millionaire with a huge franchise business of weight loss "clinics" and he owns competitive positions against Inteligentry, so he has plenty of bucks to pay the few thousands he owes you. Let me know by Email if you wish to join in my lawsuit or wish to take your own. But as of now all stock provided to any EX PlasmERG Iowa person, is voided.

Join my lawsuit against Girouard!
     As I said this was not what I wanted, but the law is the law and the court is the court and I am just another peon.
     So now you know.
     The Investors can thank Tana and Dan. They are the worms in the FBI and SEC ears and why this is happening. They also have founded their own company with a licensee from India and a Master from Australia. SO, the FBI and SEC had "INSIDE" help and still got it wrong.

     No one should be suprised that my Lil Brother has alreday started attacking the new corp with his usual lies and fabrications. I will be publishing his BS on this site just to scontinue his "almighty" position in working to make sure he gets all the money and no one ever gets this technology to market. Probably over on the "Hotseat". FYI, I am maintaining the PTP site for them and posting what they ask, as a reporter. I am trying to keep Bob's BS out of that site even though he will attack from his many Blogs and use his many TROLL friends. Just remember a Troll is a person without brains that is afraid to show themselves and they are the Frauds. Not worth spit!!
SEE BELOW :0) :0)


IT'S SUCH A PITY, and too bad my Lil Brother, Bob, can not stand on his OWN two FEET, YET!!
I notice that Bob continues to use my youngest Brother, Tom As a "Fund Raiser",
He even presents his resume, as if he were alive. Hoping to make you feel "pity".
He seems to forget that Tom Died Of Cancer, Some time ago, Maybe
as a result of the "Radio Active" components Bob subjected him too.
Tom did not wish to join Bob. He did all he could to convince Bob and get us brothers
all together when I made them the offer to make a REAL Company and Bob refused.
Tom and I talked many times about how the engine worked and he was sure I had it
right and Bob "would never get it", which he has not, even after 30 some years.
He was very happy when, after months of being told by Bob that he had done it for us,
I formed "Rohner Motor", which upset Bob because his plan was to Resurrect CEI.
     Tom's "objection" to being a part of the SCAM CEI is what that brought Tom
to finally create "Rohner Group". Which Bob has now taken over.......
I was very sorry that Tom Died. I get asked why did I not go to the funeral.
Simply put it was Bob's threats against me and my Family
     Ask Bob why Tom had to die outside the USA? Treatments were available here to
  cure him. WELL, I don't need anyones PITY! I would never use my Brothers death,
and everyones Pity, as Bob is.
So, Tom I am sorry for what your next older brother is doing with
your memory.

As the Head of the Rohner Family, all I can say is my lil brother Bob is an AH
it does go well with his BS.
Too bad Bob can not stand on his own two feet and be honest. BUT!
May My little brother Tom Rest in peace, luckily unknowing he is being exploited by his next older brother, as usual.
Tom was a good person, even apologized for the misdeeds of the linear's, paid for his tickets when we went to concerts, etc. Not Bob.
I DO Miss Him. He was a GOOD Brother and lived a good life. Betty and I both miss you, Tom! "WOW BOB!!!"


    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.

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