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This site is an Informational site to provide alternative energy news for the GOOD people that dream to help the planet and mourn the loss in the USA of Inteligentry.
Don't WORRY the "Plasmic Transition" Technology OR Process Is Not DEAD!.
It is very much alive outside the USA. Like the background?? It is even bigger than before, just quieter!

" Plasmic Transition", Is the NEW web site for the technology in total, hardware and electronics. All the foreign centers will use it as a information and reference site.
They are NOW developing the technology, THE Labs outside the USA.




     Most everyone that has talked to John Rohner knows that his primary plan was to develop new ecologically sound products. Had the US Government not removed Inteligentry's initial income of 18 million dollars, John would, right now, be north of Las Vegas at a "hot spring" the company would have bought, as a base Research & Design location. This new faculty would be staffed by "older experienced Engineers & Scientists that were "terminated" early but wanted to continue to "tinker" and help the world ecologically. That was what was supposed to be "Inteligentry". That was Rohner's & the investors dream.

     John's Brother Bob & his sidekicks, Girouard and Klosterman, all Clean Energy Inc (CEI) refugees that had scammed over 18 million dollars, by perjury, got the SEC to do their worst, (Rape Inteligentry). The CEI Guys also had inside help of other GREEDY people. Specifically Tana Kane and Dan Glover and of course that "homeless guy" that John, and others, now charged with his crimes, "helped out", Tana's live-in boy, who had given his wife to another guy to use, Peter Amiet. Peter had already tried to grab the company once and was fired for it. The CEI GUYS expected to be able to get back to milking the "Cash Cow", as they had for so many years, once the real legitimate company, Inteligentry, was gone. In reality, it simply multiplied the efforts to "actually" make products and not just suck monies, as CEI did. This action served to fracture the single element, Inteligentry, into many autonomous, self sufficient, other "developers" outside the USA. It also delayed the introduction of the technology by a couple years thus robbing everyone in the world of cleaner air and less expensive power etc..

     This brings us to the "BREAKING NEWS". Several of the centers working with SAMPLE engines have decided that John Rohner's original plan, to have a "centralized" Electronic Control System (ECS) "development center", was a terrific idea. This would reduce everyone's costs and provide a central point to create new controls and even new silicon.
     SO, While it had to wait until certain patents were filed by someone somewhere, to insure security for the operation and to smash the dumb patents, like Klosterman's, that "waiting" period is over. The copyrights in place and "publications of information providing "prior knowledge" are finally complete.
     This new "Development Center" will also be providing Research, Design and Development for several new ideas, technologies and designs for future use, as well. These new ideas, etc., will allow smaller and more powerful products for many areas. This group will be free to also look into any "ecologically correct" ideas that may improve the planet or even "re distribute" the factors, hopefully with fewer wars, now controlling this world.

     The picture presented, ABOVE, on this page is a nice warm tropical beach in a very dry climate with warm water. Sound familiar?? Now all that is needed is:
     1. A building, fully air conditioned and equipped with a secure internal network and 12 terabyte server. it will be 3000 sq ft, to start, for development offices and growth. It will also have a test lab. later it will be powered with an uninterruptible power source using one of our engines etc. Other things like 4x4 and electric vehicles and new boats and aircraft will also be "Toys". and work areas, and
    2. People that don't need to make more money, are not greedy and want to use their skills to help the world while enjoying their life. Yes, if this was the Seventies we might call this a "commune" and for most of us this would be nearly that. A nice comfortable, safe place to continue to produce, learn, evolve and simply live and enjoy. A life without the USA "politics" and oppressions.
     The housing for whomever will work there: The average price of a 2 bedroom 2 bath home within a block of the beach is about $100,000 and May be the sign on bonus, with a 5 year contract. There is abundant fresh vegetables, fruit, great meat, although you do have to get used to no additives to keep it fresh forever, (ground beef needs to be eaten in a few days) and the milk is whole milk and the best any person can drink, seems the US Government got that wrong too as the milk provides vitamins and actually reduces cholesterol. Of course there is also fresh fish, clams and BIG shrimp. The living environment is very 60/70ish, friendly people that are honest and do smile.

     Not a bad place to kick back and enjoy life while helping the planet. It is also just the starting point. If the group decided that the "center" should be somewhere else, Say Cayman, for scuba etc., we expect to be able to vote at any monthly meeting if the subject comes up. There will be monthly meetings so everyone will know how things are overall etc.

     Oh and complete heath care, for all, at $300 a year, "walk in and get it" inexpensive pharmacies, great dental and vision care. No Medicare costs... These "third world" countries are "TERRIBLE" this way. :0)

     If you are tired of doing nothing and interested in enjoying life and being productive contact: John P Rohner
Resumes will be accepted and phone numbers traded so we can talk and see what we can do for the world.



THIS FROM A FRIEND OF MINE. "The current NSA scandal has you on their radar
    for about to release a "disruptive" technology." "It's not about terrorism but with crowd-control everybody." There is a NEED to protect the 1%. "Good to see you moving forward and sue their ass off."

    The perils of becoming THE WORLDS BEST" EXPERT in a NEW Technology to HELP "save" the world.


     Notice - The US Government has a Secret System for Stalling Patents:

     ALSO --- We & Technology IS Not DEAD, just getting the world going!:

     Inteligentry has LEARNED more and KNOWS more, NOW, than the original inventor, or all the Rohner Group, or CEI or any other wannabes , ever knew.  WE ARE THE "EXPERTS"!!
     Thanks to OUR MODERN science and Engineering Methods.


The SEC is trying to convince the world that we took in, and pocketed, 1.2 to 4.5 MILLION dollars.

    What a laugh!! The actual operating statement for Inteligentry, from 2011 thru March 2013, is posted for your information on the "HOT SEAT" page. This PROVES, beyond a doubt, we only had $844,000 investment. Nowhere near the 1.2 million buck mark. Sorry SEC Only GOD, opps, I forgot THEY ARE GOD, knows how their accountants came up with such a really Erroneous number. Does This ERROR speak well for the people that work at the SEC and get paid by YOU? On something this SIMPLE??..!! REMEMBER, YOUR TAXES PAY Their Salaries for THEIR "BIG" HOUSES!!


TO SUE YOU.      THE PATENT IS BOGUS!! (A Joke really!)
It IS WORTHLESS even if he says he has a "running" engine, so what!!!

There is no business plan and none are being used in any product, more CEI Vaporware! :0)


     The SEC says the "Plasma Engine" Technology, as a whole, is Fraudulent. So, they say our patent application is fraudulent even tho it defines the process and the control of the process exactly.

     Then you have the Klosterman jokes:,
     A. Klosterman's first patent, which, for sure, is fraud and you can should see it to believe it - Klosterman's Patent
     B. And Now, TADA, Klosterman comes with another joke. Klosterman's latest patent

     This one was done and submitted about the time that the Girouard/Klosterman/Robert Rohner group, collectively the "CEI GUYS" got the SEC to shut down Inteligentry, to insure a real engine would not take away their "cash cow".
     Girouard's millions, rammed this patent thru. It is even funnier than the first and actually steals the University of Missouri work and discoveries.
     SO, for sure, it is fraud and it would be fun to get him into a Federal court to prove he "Discovered" anything.

     So, In Summary, Don't fear this BS as it is irrelevant! Simply comical and entertaining.. The CEI scammers won't sue. They would lose and have to pay your counter suit.
     As you can see above, the REAL process and discovery is still forging ahead full steam and training new people, as well. Bob Rohner has threatened to sue me so often I have lost count. He has never done it.. That's the "CEI GUYS" way.. ENJOY.


The other Someone, besides me, that did know how the Process worked, My Brother TOM..

    This is my lil brother Tom Rohner shown with the Papp International engine and the controller that it was certified with.
    Tom Rohner and John Rohner were the only two, except for Tom Miller, Tom's late Tech, that built and programmed the controller that actually knew how the process worked and HOW to control it so the engine would function properly.
    This technology was carefully kept from Jimmy Sabori, by Robert Rohner, after the Papp International License was taken from "Rohner Motor", a supposed Company formed by Robert Rohner, that never happened. So, the license was given to the Papp and Sabori company.
    Robert Rohner was the machinist at "Rohner Machine Works", the Rohner family business, that machined the parts and assembled the hardware (Now Gone, bankrupted by Bob).
    Without this controller that engine, like all that have followed, would not run. Since this controller was removed not a single Papp International engine ever built has worked, to DATE.
    Tom and John knew the inner workings and they had many discussions, verifying Johns Recollections for his patent application, before Tom was forced to join Bob, after John Offered both his brothers equal partnerships in a new company. Tom was affected by the Radio Active elements Bob Used. Tom was never "comfortable" with Bob and was cheering John On. Unfortunately, when Tom got sick Bob took over his communications, email etc. and cut Tom off from John.

    Bob, has asked, on his controlled Blogs, "why John did not go to Tom's Funeral?" The answer was simply that Bob had threatened John and his family, with grievous physical harm if he showed his face.
    Thus, even Though John is the Head of the family, his brother, whom it turns out has been sniping at him, jealous of his success, for years, felt John should not be close to his brother and John did not wish to create a situation. John Knows how Tom felt and who he was and could have been and for that matter was. Tom had worked with John many times over many years in his life and John was/is quite proud of him.

    The question then is why Bob keeps trying to use our brother as a "Cash Draw". See Below. John would guess that without Tom's input he can do nothing, as he has for over 30 years. Grow up Bob.

    ps. My wife has money that she got from her Mother's death. Their family, unlike ours, did not have an administrator, like BOB ROHNER, that was there to cheat his family for himself, his wife and another.

    But I did learn to put all things valuable in her name as Bob did, years ago when he bankrupted the family multimillion dollar business. I am sure Bob remembers that. If he does not he should read thru the documentation filed in the county seat. He got Janet Rohner = lots, everyone else = 0.



IT'S SUCH A PITY, and too bad my Lil Brother, Bob, can not stand on his OWN two FEET, YET!!
I notice that Bob continues to use my youngest Brother, Tom As a "Fund Raiser",
He even presents his resume, as if he were alive. Hoping to make you feel "pity".
He seems to forget that Tom Died Of Cancer, Some time ago, Maybe
as a result of the "Radio Active" components Bob subjected him too.
Tom did not wish to join Bob. He did all he could to convince Bob and get us brothers
all together when I made them the offer to make a REAL Company and Bob refused.
Tom and I talked many times about how the engine worked and he was sure I had it
right and Bob "would never get it", which he has not, even after 30 some years.
He was very happy when, after months of being told by Bob that he had done it for us,
I formed "Rohner Motor", which upset Bob because his plan was to Resurrect CEI.
     Tom's "objection" to being a part of the SCAM CEI is what that brought Tom
to finally create "Rohner Group". Which Bob has now taken over.......
I was very sorry that Tom Died. I get asked why did I not go to the funeral.
Simply put it was Bob's threats against me and my Family
     Ask Bob why Tom had to die outside the USA? Treatments were available here to
  cure him. WELL, I don't need anyone's PITY! I would never use my Brothers death,
and everyone's Pity, as Bob is.
So, Tom I am sorry for what your next older brother is doing with
your memory.

As the Head of the Rohner Family I can only appologize for his actions.
All I can say is my lil brother Bob is an AH which does go well with his BS.
Too bad Bob can not stand on his own two feet and be honest. BUT!
May My little brother Tom Rest in peace, luckily unknowing he is being exploited by his next older brother, and my NOW "LIL" brother, as usual.
Tom was a good person, even apologized for the misdeeds of the linear's, paid for his tickets when we went to concerts, etc. Not Bob.
I DO Miss TOM. He was a GOOD Brother and lived a good life. Betty and I both miss you, Tom! "WOW BOB!!!"


    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.

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