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Updated 1/1/2014

     Things were moving ahead Great as we RAMPED UP the WORLD..
     This Page is dedicated to our "Investors" , without WHOM there COULD NOT be any News. We are determined that you NOT, with patience, lose your monies!
     Some inside news.

     WOW, Things Were GETTING VERY EXCITING as we were 3 WEEKS from production, training etc.!!!

     The SEC has no "FACTUAL" case against Inteligentry. It is all made up crap! Their Fantasy!!!

     As you can see below that whole SEC case is based on their "GOD like" If WE say it it is FACT, sounds like some other's BS doesn't it. Plain and simple it is clear that the SEC and FBI are working together and "Sharing" information, supposedly illegal in the USA, to "misuse" their power and to stiff people that don't "fit their mold".
     They really do not understand that they did, in fact, rip people off for millions of dollars. I did not defraud anyone they killed the company just as it was about to bear it's child. They "ABORTED" the baby. They KILLED the hopes and dreams of 140 people. They stole everyone's monies because of some order from ABOVE.. Not a single statement, sworn to the court, in order to file this case was a FACT. It was ALL FICTION. It was the true US Government Agency gone berserk and "ABUSING IT'S POWER". I CHALLENGE THE SEC TO PROVIDE A "DEFENSE" TO THIS STATEMENT. They did not know then and do not know now how many investors, how much money or how much time was "GIVEN" to make this happen and get through a "Normal Birth". They Just walked up and "SHOT IT IN THE BELLY", what a BLOODY Mess!! DON'T IT MAKE YOU PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN????
     We have a WEB site that was quoted at $45 million and in true American Greed Contract, like the Defense contracts, Form it is now over Half a Billion dollars and does not work. I do love the fact that 7 kids in San Francisco have a web site that does work and it took them a week and a couple hundred dollars. Also One must ask what defines a "Fraudulent" technology. We have spent Trillions, yes with a T, of dollars on a "fusion" reactor, which FYI is started with plasma, and the Return to date is ZERO. Is that a Fraud?
     Even better is they have no proof that the whole basis for their action "Fraudulent Technology" they can not prove either. Even funnier is that the others, using this technology, don't understand that when the Government gets us, they get them as well. Yes FRED that means that if our technology is Fraud, so is the Papp and all other Plasma expansion technologies. That means that the 30 plus years that Klosterman and Robert Rohner Scammed people for the millions they did and G & G or Girouard or anyone will become a criminal as well.
     There is no question that from 1983 till 2009 the CEI guys, Klosterman and Rohner, sucked a huge amount of money and did nothing. Klosterman hoots about his patent, which was gotten based on letters between him and Papp since Klosterman has never done a thing. If you like I can post the letters or maybe send them as a "challenge" to the USPTO, as my brother did when a video, I own copyright to, was mistakenly sent to them. Yes the dumb shit, my lil brother, is still after all these years trying to knock me. I just found out he was Bob Cooper's source of misinformation as well. Bob is too insane to shut the F--K Up. But dear old Bob seems to think he is invincible, after 30 years of sucking and spending monies, and not getting "caught". His last note to the SEC/FBI made them ask for specific info from me and I have promised them that he will be on the witness stand of our trial to answer questions as well. He may think he is GOD, like the SEC does, so, I guess we will get to see how good he dodges the bullets. I do plan to have as many "others" that use our technology in front of the jury and the court. Time to "shake the tree".
     Has anyone noticed that while we were developing our engines things were being done by others, BUT, since we got stopped not much has happened, in 8 months. Bob is still relying on the "Popper", someone else did in 1991, and Tana and Dan, after sucking the guts out of everyone that trusted them, has passed it all to India. Gotta love "trusting" people so they can screw you! I have made sure that the group that is taking the technology forward has "noticed" that being "public" is stupid. Tana was told not to go past 500 and she went past 900. My mistake was listening to WannaBee managers, like Sterling, and not staying hands on and "trusting" everyone. Don't let anyone kid you, "Sue the Bastard" is a better policy.
     I have also made it clear that my "devotion" to making this technology an American thing has GONE AWAY. I personally feel real bad for not selling the technology, when I had the chance, to foreign Governments or investors. Now that the US GOVERNMENT has shown their true colors. I could care less about "Made In America". I was just raped of millions of dollars and thousands of hours, by MY US Government. Ask if I give a damn about the welfare of the rapist. I would think the "investors" will feel very similar. I wonder how many Republican Tea jerkers that worry about making sure the "common" man does not get health coverage and is so Pro Life would say to me now that he has "Aborted" the baby that we had worked so long and hard and sacrificed so much to carry. Like it or not that is what was done and not one of these Tea people Give a Rat's A--.


     On March 8, 2013, the SEC served a Complaint against Inteligentry, and me, alleging, specifically, that since July 2009, an incorrect starting date as Inteligentry started May 2011, until current operated a fraudulent investment scheme that had defrauded at least 98 people, nationwide, also incorrect as the SEC has only 6 complaints and only 1 is valid, out of at least $1.4 million, again incorrect as the total for the 1 they do have is $10,000. So, Reality was 1 out of ~140 Investors (1/140). Even better they have not a one that had been defrauded by any one but them as the Dynamic Pair FBI/SEC took their company without any relevant Facts. As you can see from their answers to Rohner's requests for proof that have none. HERE IS THE REQUESTED SEC PROOFS of ANYTHING!
     The first document is Rohner's request for information. Simple things like prove anything the SEC swore to when the SEC filed the case and let's see the links between the SEC and the FBI or anyone else. It would be interesting to see who the SEC is working for, as it certainly is not the Investors.
     The second document is their answer. It will come as no surprise they used every "Trick in the Book" to not answer anything. But they did actually use the same answer for the 98 persons that they used in April when they just sent an investors list. They say Rohner has an investors list and there are at least 98 people on it. That means that in their mind, even though they have not proven the technology fraudulent, their goal to stop all, in their mind everyone without exemption is defrauded, Including me, as I am on that list.
     Please Understand, the SEC has a GOD Complex. Those of you that have read the SEC motions etc know that the SEC believes they are infallible. The SEC tells the court that "The court must consider any allegation presented by the SEC as FACT", even if not proven by any evidence. So their saying everyone is defrauded makes it so, even though nothing has been presented to prove their allegation in any way. Rohner believes that is contrary to the US Constitution and the American way of "Innocent until Proven Guilty".
In their zeal to get the defendants, and technology, stopped the SEC has knowingly Lied to the Federal Court.
     It turns out that the SEC's whole case revolves around it being unquestionable. The SEC has no proof of any wrongdoing just their own statements.

     Not a single statement in their Complaint, as sworn to the court, is true. The SEC knew this information was false when it was provided to the court. Date is wrong, people and amounts are wrong, they even proved we had a patent that they said we did not, They have one complaint and Not a single proof that Rohner ever did anything except what was on his resume. They plan to use complete built engines as "evidence" of something, of course we will use their evidence as "look what we did in less than 2 years next to the wannabees that milked millions over 30 years. So their doing that is fine. Except they are using engines stolen from private property of investors etc.

     I am sure you all know that the SEC has perpetrated "GRAND THEFT" to steal engine parts, that are personal property of an investor, and other assets have disappeared under the SEC "cloak" as well.
     The SEC has also been helping a pair of supposed trusted employees steal the technology for themselves. I presume you all know that Tana Kane, dear lil grandma she seemed, and Dan Glover, starting from before the Power Gen show, with help from their good buddies at G & G, have been working to get the company for their own. In their depositions they actually admitted to slowing things down and telling people to "wait" until they had the company. Here is, from their deposition the proof of this statement the Tana, Dan and Jay show - company

     SO, What can be PROVEN is that the SEC has NOW stolen personal properties from Investors and allowed the theft of the technology and assets, with their blessing.

     Inteligentry was a nearly 2 year old development company that was developing a radical new technology of electromotive power to replace combustion and electric engines, and motors, without using combustion or combustible fuel. All for very minimum cost to pocket or planet. The engine had been seen operating by several people and historically from various historical videos and even a historical certification.
     Inteligentry was, at the time of the FBI Raid and SEC fund freeze, 3 weeks from finalizing their company, proving their technology to Investors and licensees and starting licensing to get others started as well.
     At that meeting the new technology was to have been demonstrated by a generator and engine set, "Genset", which was to have been powering the shop. It was this engine that Rohner had tested the Sunday before the FBI Raid.
     That meeting also would formally start the training. Rohner's "would not take license fees until he could train people how to build or use the new technology" would have been realized. This meant that the start of training could be April 1, 2013. With Training the company would have an income of about 6 million dollars a week, for the first month, and then less as the foreign masters completed training and it changed to the less expensive licenses.
     The company had a dozen employees, that had given up time and wages to be a part of this earth changing technology and are now due a very large amount of money, $1,684,109, as their employment was stripped from them, as were the hopes and dreams of the investors.
     Rohner has no understanding why the SEC/FBI decided that a new technology as important as this was needed to be stopped or deterred in the USA. Something that would cost the investors, employees, the USA economy and the world millions of dollars.
     THREE weeks before birth, The Technology was forcefully aborted. All the people's hard work, and sacrifices, killed in one stroke. That is what the SEC accomplished based on this false information. One guy cost millions from investors and new technology for the world?

     To date the SEC has proven none of their allegations, even the most basic ones used to fool the court. The SEC has cost the investors millions of dollars, stolen ~$100,000 in personal property from an investor and generally done everything they can to stop the Investors while rewarding their hand picked stooges, Tana and Dan. The SEC complained about Rohner stealing the technology (asset) and yet turned a blind eye while their people do just that. Tana and Dan started their theft and lies way back before November 2012.
     For those of you that fell for that "Poor Tana, She Can not get rid of Peter" trick which got her a new Car from me. Look at this: "Peter Amiet President of consultancy, Plasma Dynamics, LTD. and Director of R&D Whitestar International Energy, Ltd.". That is the corporation he formed February 2012 when he and Bill expected to grab the company then and "White Star" is one of Bill's alter egos. It looks like Tana who was their recommendation and after peter was fired his support was involved all the time.
     The SEC is going to have an interesting problem though. They did not understand who actually was the "investor" primary interface at Inteligentry. So we have provided the Court with pointers, using the Web pages already in evidence from the SEC that specifically show the "Call Tana" information. Let's see if the SEC will go after the real perpetrator, by law.

     Of particular relevance, the SEC has failed to present any substantial evidence that any registration statement was needed or that the actions by the defendants. There is ALSO no proof presented that there was any registration needed at the time of business closure, under either Nevada or US Law. We were following instructions as had been advised and shown to do by our attorney. There has been no challenge to determine if that "advise" was right or wrong. We know now who was the "responsible party" and it is not Rohner.
     The SEC saying it was wrong does not make it so. It must be proven to all parties and a jury. No sales were executed for the purchase of 'stock'. NO stock was offered by the company for any amount. No amount was ever published. Rohner did provide his stock as "collateral" for investment blocks and he was informed that it is not illegal to use stock in a private corporation as collateral for any money acquired, loan or otherwise. It is after all an asset. Therefore it seems there is insufficient information to say "Proven beyond a doubt". Rohner submits there is plenty of doubt, at this moment.

     The court is aware that the SEC has stolen personal property from investors, about $100,000 in one case, and that the SEC is sanctioning the removal of assets from the defendants to Tana Kane and Dan Glover's company while stopping the legitimate Investors from being allowed to use anything and charging Rohner with Contempt for properly trying to HOLD the assets in his charge. The SEC needs to prove any of their case. The SEC has yet to provide a factual statement. 1/140 is the complaint ratio.

     PlasmERG (Iowa) or How the SEC is trying to bend, mis inform or confuse is a non issue.
     Check these documents and you will see the Settlement documentation that says clearly that all issues between Rohner and Girouard was "settled" when Girouard made his demand on Feb 17 and completed by the court July 2011 when the federal court provided Girouard with PlasmERG Iowa as he had requested. Girouard had complete ownership and legal responsibility from the day he demanded it, technically 30 days later per his accountant/lawyer. Remember that this was a month after Girouard, who had seen a running engine, gave Klosterman, his buddy with Robert Rohner, $500,000 to create "Unity International". So there is no link between PlasmERG Nevada and Iowa as the SEC fantasizes. Girouard dumped everything and the corporate bank account is still open with money in it. He left everyone and everything behind.

     Inteligentry, PlasmERG (Rohner) and PTP Licensing, etc. are Rohner maintained websites on the Internet hosted by Go- used by Rohner since about 2007. All postings on the Rohner websites are subject to Rohner's copyright. Rohner is described on the websites as the person who maintains the website.
     It is interesting that the SEC understands that these sites are "copyrighted", by Rohner, and yet the SEC is providing them to the court, from a site where stored without Rohner's permission, thus stealing them from Rohner Mat. Facts, 10-11.

     Approximately 140 persons, including ex employees and family, have invested time or money into Inteligentry. The SEC told the court it had ninety-eight (98) minimum defrauded. The truth is there are only 6 Claimants, or Complainant's, and of these only one is an investor, Of the remaining 5 one is Girouard, who was long ago settled, another is Malaker who has perjured himself, one is an ex employee who says he used to work for the FBI/SEC, Peter. Another, Mario, is Peter's best friend, and one is very happy with Rohner. So the court was sworn to that 98 was the minimum defrauded and the real number is maybe one and 1/140 is not bad for any company. The money investors paid in for development was deposited directly, checks, cash or through wire transfers. All monies applied to bank accounts in the names of Inteligentry, PTP licensing or PlasmERG (Nevada) till transferred, as any normal business. Mat.
     Rohner, as the CEO, board Chair and primary stockholder of Inteligentry signed all stock certificates, issued as collateral, as supplied to him by Tana Kane, who did all the investor and licensing work. PlasmERG (Nevada) and PTP licensing were never a part of anything they were bookmarks. The SEC has not proven that any registration was needed based on Nevada law, nor US law, as yet. The SEC has proven no reason that any registration was needed or required except by their own statement. No Jury has been empowered to decide if this is a true or false premise.
     Rohner signed all stock certificates issued to investors as collateral. Rohner also signed some stock purchase agreements with investors. Rohner signed what Tana Kane presented him to sign as she was trusted to handle this part of the business in its entirety. Rohner was not aware of what Tana said, or promised, or any other action. His job was the engine development.
     Most Investment agreements were taken care of by Tana Kane and Rohner had no knowledge of what she said or did. Mat. Facts, 18.
     As of the filing of this correction to the SEC Statement of Material Facts, there is about $190, 771.84 in the bank accounts of Inteligentry, PlasmERG (Nevada) and PTP Licensing from deposited investors' moneys and License applications fees. [EXHIBIT 3] The current known liabilities of the Corp Defendants as ~$1,714,583 in priority Back wages per employee contracts plus legal fees. Thus, at this moment, Inteligentry, etc. is over $1.5 million dollars in Debit.

     It was not easy to invest in Inteligentry. Investment rules for persons of "like" mind, "Save the world" was primary to "make Money" as a mindset and many have/had invested in other alternate energy projects: The Investment was guaranteed by Rohner's Pledge of Rohner's personal stock as collateral, per a signed redeemable certificate, against their investment, when complete. Rules were that there was a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 units available for first involvement. Each single Unit representing $1000. Any Investor had to read thru the Info pack, consisting of Business Plan, spread sheet, Rohner Resume and sign the Non Disclosure agreement. Any interested investor had to do their "due diligence" as they wished. Any investor had to provide a signed statement that the involvement would not detrimentally affect their family as there was no promise of quick returns. Then the investor was expected to come in for an "interview" and at that time presented also a technical session about the technology and the expectations. If the prospect was still interested, and many were not, their investment was temporarily accepted and they were presented for verification of purpose. Upon Company acceptance their money was put into the bank. Most investors did visit the shop and with out pressure, to determine their interest and ours in them. No one was ever pressured to invest.

     Rohner does not understand how the SEC expects a jury to buy all the "I AM GOD" stuff. Rohner will certainly challenge it. No Evidence has been presented that the Defendants did anything wrong. The only facts discussed, to date, are the unsubstantiated allegations of the SEC and these have not been defined in facts that can be examined and considered in full in a way that any normal jury, or person, would understand and be able to rule on. Rohner believes the SEC will attempt to cover up the miscues and thefts etc. that the SEC has perpetrated. Rohner does not believe he, or the defendants, have done anything wrong except develop a technology that greedy people want for themselves. The SEC has stolen personal property worth about $100,000 from an Investor, it is working to insure that Rohner can not get enough parts to build a working engine to bring to court by stealing or holding materials. The SEC has blessed it's snitches, Tana Kane and Dan Glover, by allowing them to steal the technology for their company use and has blocked, to the point of accusing Rohner of contempt, any such use by the real Investors that the SEC has already cost their funds.
     The SEC did finally define what "security" means to them. Their definition is "Stock". As it stands, there is law and there is the SEC version with the SEC telling the court that everything they say, without proof is the way it will be even while they have done everything against the investors, including stealing personal properties. Justice desires proof of allegations not lip service. Arbitrarily shutting down new developments and taking personal properties without this proof of fault is abuse of power and certainly not justice as our forefathers wished. There has been no debate as one should have in front of a jury. The SEC has failed to provide proof of any wrongdoing, yet.
     The SEC has provided the court with nothing but bad information from the starting date, attempting to add someone else's company to Rohner, even after a US District court has already ruled once. The SEC tells the court about the huge size, 98 people defrauded, when the real number is ONE. Rohner wants to see the facts provided that makes this case even a case.

     One would think that an agency paid for by the US Taxpayers would have come to Inteligentry and had a conversation to resolve any misconceptions before they just cost everyone their jobs, monies and put the company out of business. It would have cost the US Taxpayer a lot less money and the US Government would be getting their return, in taxes, as the business made money as well. So the fact that the SEC did NOT perform their job properly is also a concern.
     Inteligentry was never informed, by the SEC, that there was any requirement to register anything. As a US Taxpayer funded agency it is charged with maintaining proper "corporate behavior". The proper first step, to protect the investors, should have been a conversation with what was a perfectly valid growing company with one complaint from over 140 investors that was doing exactly what they said they were doing, developing a technology.

     The SEC had/has not verified the claimants, or complainant's, yet to see if they are real but in their zeal to get us shut down they have already cost the Inteligentry investors nearly a million dollars in real loses, not to mention the courts time and the US Taxpayers money spent on this case. All this cost for something that could have been fixed with a simple meeting.

     The Investors Rebound

     The investors have, or are, forming their own private corporation to function as a "holding: company for the Consulting and licensing company they stated several months ago with the ex employees as partners. That new consulting company has already redesigned the master control system based on some errors that only Rohner knew and had been correcting before he used these. They have already re written the firmware again to rectify a couple errors that Rohner was correcting before he tested. Without these corrections the controller will fail. Rohner did not wish there to be a "simple" way to "copy" what was done to make the process successful by anyone. Matt Rohner and Nick, who worked with Tana and Dan under contract until dropped, are back in the Investors fold again and working part time until monies to proceed can be arranged.
     The Investors are being asked to get their information to Sandy so a comprehensive stockholders map can be readied for the new corporation, at it's start. The new corp will have 30% of the stock held in a block to be used as "perks" to find good people to join it. The consulting company's licensing people is now exploring new Country masters in most areas with very good 3 year sign up licenses that are very inexpensive. Since the Tana and Dan team has used the ones that the Investors had originally planned to. Any licensee listed on the Tana, Dan and Jay company document has had their license revoked and since this also breached their NDA their ability to join the new corporation removed as well. Rohner has been told that people were told that it was "his idea but don't call him because of the TRO" But that was and is hogwash and simply a way for them not to get caught and you not to get real information. That should have been a "red flag". New Masters will be replacing any lost and the contract company, Sandy, is doing that as of right now. We hope to have masters with operational engines by next summer or sooner.
     Investors positions within the new corporation will be representative of how they are, without my block. ie 70% will be divided by the participating Investors. Investors will be giving up any Inteligentry position as you move, so be sure to write that investment off. Even if the case was dropped now the damage to Inteligentry is probably too high to recover and Rohner has no wish to work that hard, 14 hour days 7 days a week for free, again.
     John will be happy consulting and working with others to write interesting books about this experience. I have nothing left but a great wife and $1650 a month and it is time to play on other contracts. Remember as a "contractor" I can make over $200K a year and enjoy life. Connie is an award winning artist maybe spending time in New Mexico or Baja is better.


     Rohner would suggest that in the spirit of finally closing a bad case that the court will order the assets of the corporate Defendants to the investors through their consulting company for resolution and the dissolution of all 3 defendant corporations, as a just way to treat the Investors that the SEC has so badly mistreated by stealing personal properties and causing them all to lose their money for nothing.
     Dismiss with prejudice so all can relax and live again.


     So lets delve into the SEC charges and see what sticks.
     First interesting thing is that the charges, and the Search and remove orders both have dates that make no sense. Inteligentry, Ltd. did not exist prior to May 19, 2011. PlasmERG, Inc did not exist prior to May 5, 2011, and PTP Licensing, LTD did not exist prior to March 27, 2012.
     The SEC charges, and FBI papers, all use July 2009, nearly 2 years before "The Rohner Companies" could have existed.
     Fact is that John Rohner did start up in Iowa in November of 2008, when he filed his "Provisional" patent and created 3 companies for him and his two brothers to each operate as a "Rohner Group", a name coined long before Tom created a LLC and one that Robert Rohner had "promised" to have created when he was trying to raise money and involve Tom and John into another CEI Scam, the "front" company for the "raising"of monies used by Robert Rohner and Heinz Klosterman since 1983, in one form or another.

     When they both declined, Bob by choice and Tom by Bob's force, John went on his own and killed all but PlasmERG, a name John and Haik had created from Plasma and the Engineering term for energy, ERG. PlasmERG is copyrighted as theirs.
     Later, After moving out of the house stolen by Bobs wife Janet, they worked in the garage. A doctor contacted John, he seemed to know a lot about what they were doing and he asked to "Buy in". He bought $105K in stock and this allowed John to hire a machinist and make more engines. After Bob screwed John out of being eligible for a prize for his controller design, which somehow Dr G knew about, Dr G met John and Connie in San Jose, Ca. Dr G knew John had been disqualified. After a couple talks, where John made it clear what direction they needed to go and that it would take nearly a million dollars, if they did it as Dr G wanted. John finally got talked into doing it for $500K and the Dr decided to fund it. Funding later that month was reduced to $300K, a number John had told Dr G would not do it. The following January Dr G, with a non disclosure agreement signed, went to Klosterman and in Feb funded him. He then demanded payment and turned down any "deals" to pay it and kicked John out of the company. Thus he screwed everyone out of their investments. But, John had filed the provisional patent personally so he did not get that. AND that, from their long talks about it's importance, was the "expected" Prize. Later he tried to trick John into putting up an attorney for the company, when he sued it for his money. The hope was to get John into the suit and get the patent pending , free.
     Since he never sued John, it is clear why he is in the SEC suit. Still trying to find a way..

     As a matter of fact, if you look at all the people that the SEC has for depositions it is clear why they are there. Peter tried, with Bill, to take the company and when he was fired swore to get revenge. Keep in mind this is the guy that has had everyone that helped him, when he was homeless, put in jail. He sucked nearly $40K from the company and gave NOTHING. The rest are similar stories. People with NO money at risk but willing to steal everyone else's money for spite.

     Since the case will be in front of a Jury, it will be interesting to watch how they crumble. IF PETER does not get FOUND. There are people looking for him. He used to tell us about his FBI/SEC cohorts and he put a sitting judge in jail, that had done nothing, but the retired Senator is NOT. So you know he is a marked man.

     Inteligentry was started in May of 2011 and at the first stockholders meeting we were given instructions. That is on video. We did exactly as told. That lawyer made $40K before he was "torpedoed" by Peter and replaced by Peters good buddy, Bill.

     As to being a fraud, they should have waited till the stockholders meeting. But, with engines popping up all over I think it will be a tough sell to a jury. BUT, I plan to call for "defense" witnesses: My Brother and Klosterman, they have been "milking" this for over 30 years, Bobs SRI scientist and his boss, 13 years experience, and others that are, or have played, with the technology. They can not make us a fraud without ALL being same. So, if they win anyone taking monies to develop the tech is bad. Bob and Klosterman have been doing that for many years, maybe long enough for jail? Sorry but they actually did steal Investors monies.

     It is also interesting that none of our current "investors" except one that is mad because I chose Venna over him, is in that group. Most stockholders are not amused at losing their monies.

     It will also be interesting to prove that I ever went to Harvard. Every investor got a copy of my resume. I did not work for a company, for 8 years after they went bust, like Bob, and my "educational" section says nothing about any college. All investors were provided with that document. The only person I know that is "worried" about it is Bob. BOB, with his "Super" MBA killed, bankrupted, the multi million dollar Family business has never run a successful company and, with the help of his wife, Dr Janet Rohner, cheated his brothers and sisters out of anything from our father's will. Bob and Dr Janet got it all. Check the records.


     Remember, I have posted MY RESUME. I AM PROUD of MY ACHIEVEMENTS, a REAL person. People seem to think that the person that starts a business, on their own money without "Investment Capital" make lots of money for their pocket. Even The SEC tries to say that I lived very high on the Bucks. Facts are a lot different tho. I just went back and wrote over $500K off my 2008 Taxes and in 2009 another $500K+ and that will go right on thru 2012. So My losses were pretty large as well. Also the sainted" Dr Girouard had his CFO watch dog on me all the time, in Iowa. Probably why he failed to sue. He just screwed everyone. My wife wondered if he still takes the lil pills he kept in his sock, looked like a addict. He runs "weight" clinics, as a MD. So maybe these pills were vitamins... :0)


    We had started preparing and implementing our "Private Demo" display.
    We had started testing and preparing our Genset coupled to a Power entry so that we could power our own shop, 24 hours a day and every day for the next XX Years, since we do not know exactly how long it will continue to run without refueling. We would have used the same Genset that we showed at Power Gen and CES to do this. We would have started posting pictures of this transformation. BUT all the engines are being looked at by UNKNOWN "EXPERTS" (really!!). This Genset would have been in one of our "server" rooms for security, since they are electronically locked and fire proof. Sorry World we can not show you what we do not have any longer in the USA. Watch for the "NOT MADE IN AMERICA" version in the near future.


     Inteligentry has LEARNED more and KNOWS more, NOW, than the original inventor, or all the Rohner Group, or CEI or any other wannabes , ever knew.  WE ARE THE "EXPERTS"!!
     Thanks to OUR MODERN science and Engineering Methods.


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